Cold Days….

February 17, 2016

On the Road

Almost 2 weeks since my last entry, but what a full 2 weeks it has been.  Very cold weather….the kind where all I want to do is sit, knit and drink hot tea.  Which is exactly what I have done when I finished working for the day!

Got to babysit for my beautiful granddaughter, Linley, a couple of times in the last weeks and what a joy it has been to see what joy this baby has brought to our family.  She is absolutely beautiful, but then again…what would you expect me to say??!!

My knitting group has been pretty active, or should I say, I have been active in my knitting group.  I went to Thursday night knit at my LYS and again to Vienna Coffee Shop on Sunday.  Wonderful group of women!

Completed Trips

  1.  Socks

Unwind Yarn Company                                            Paton’s Kroy

Midnight Margaritas                                                  Blue Brown Marl

Trips in Progress

  1.  Socks

2.  Antarktis Shawl by Janina Kallio

Dragonfly Fibers – Djinni -Big Sky

3.  Truss by Jared Flood

Brooklynn Tweed Shelter – Snowbound

Maybe a few more rows since last time….not much

Future Trips

  1.  Exploration Station by Stephen West-as part of a KAL with the Sticks + Twine Podcast with Eric.  Can’t wait!!! Starting March 1.

Dragonfly Fibers – Pixie – Great Smoky Mtns, Birch, Lime Light and Djinni-Airport Hot Sauce (ignore the blue skein as I was second guessing myself with the Airport Hot Sauce)

2.  March Socks

Knit Picks – Felici – Nassau


  1. All of the Dragonfly Fibers except the blue hank and Great Smoky Mountains (bought at SAFF 2015)
  2. I ordered some yarn and a hat kit from Kate Davies new line….and it is beautiful!  I also ordered the book.  Stunning, absolutely stunning!
  3. Needle cozies from Little Bobbins, Dani, and they are exquisite!  So beautiful and so well made.  Do it… won’t be disappointed!

Pictures to come later!

Oh Canada!

 February 5, 2016

On the Road

I went to Calgary for a business trip but was unable to do anything but work.  All day travel on Monday, work Tuesday and all day travel Wednesday.  However, I did get a lot of knitting done!  I was able to turn the heels and am working up the leg.  Not much longer!

My husband and I were able to complete a huge milestone on Friday.  I am happy to say we are completely debt free!  Our journey started when a good friend of mine was affected by a reduction in force at my company.  She was so distraught and it really opened our eyes for that particular journey.  So, we are done!

Completed Trips

Nothing completed at this time…

Trips in Progress

  1. Socks

2.  Trex

3.  Antarktis

4.  More Socks!


Future Trips

Oshima by Jared Flood


Kristen by Kristen TenDyke


Architexture by Jennifer Weissman




  1. Madelinetosh Tosh DK in several colors!

Dr. Zhivagos Sky, Pelican, Pecan Hull, Robin Red Breast


Paton’s Kroy in several colors!


2016-A Year of New Beginnings

January 29, 2016

As I sit and start this new Journey, I must reflect a bit as the new year has started.  My plan is to update every Friday of the year to reflect upon events.

  1.  I absolutely love being a Grandmother!  I adore this new life journey and accept all that it has to offer
  2. This year has not started as I expected.  I have lost 2 brother-in-laws, one unexpected and the other had some health issues, so not entirely unexpected.
  3. Knitting goals have been set and I must say I am totally on track.
  4. Personal goals have been set and completely on track.
  5. Stash restriction is a bust and the month is not even over yet (I have more coming in the mail… is very bad…)

On the Road

I went to Vogue Knitting Live-NYC a couple of weekends ago.  It was lovely! My friend Jeana and I were able to walk around NYC on Saturday without a coat!  However, the next weekend, NYC was about 1/10th of and inch short of the record amount of snowfall.  We were so happy we were not there…..We did not take classes but went to the market, bought souvenirs and went to a meet-up with some podcasters as groupies!  Had a fantastic time!

Completed Trips

  1.  Socks-2 pair to be exact

Paton’s Kroy                     Trekking XXL

Trips in Progress

  1.  Tress by Melissa Wehrle

2.  Socks

Unwind Yarn Company Twinkle Sock-Midnight Margaritas

Future Trips

  1.  Shawl-Yarn has been ordered (forget that I have stash….)

Architexture by Jennifer Weissman


ArtYarns Gradient Kit-For shawl (VKL)

Twisted Fiber Art-For shawl (VKL)

Verdant Gryphon Bugga-For shawl? (VKL)

Miss Babs Kilimanjaro-?                Miss Babs Katahdin-?  Miss Babs

Knit Picks Felici-Socks Knit Picks

From my LYS- Hook and Needle


All is a day’s work…..